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Double Head Probe Type Wireless Mini Ultrasounder


Consist by two head(can select convex, linear, microconvex, transvaginal), suit for more application same time.And lower cost than buy two probe that only one head.
Middel key: One second click for freeze, 3 second click for change work head, 5 second click for power off.

How it works
The Sonostar wireless probe is a mini ultrasound scanner without a screen. We minimize the components of a traditional ultrasound into a small circuit board built into the probe, and showing image in smart phone/tablet through Wifi transferring. image can both show in screen and tablet.Image transferring through internal wifi from probe, no need external Wifi signal.

-Small and Compact size, easy to carry.
-Wireless type without probe cable, working freely.
-Waterproof design, convenient for sterilization. 
-Remote diagnosis convenience, capable for images transfer to doctors.