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Compressor Nebulizer (UTC105)

Item No.: UTC105
Compressor nebulizer is a medical device for the oxygen therapy, it is easily to be operated at home, convenient and safe.
Compressor Nebulizer (UTC105)

►Power Supply: AC 230V 50HZ, 120V 60HZ, 220V 50HZ, 240V 50HZ,  220V 60HZ, etc
►Medication capacity: 6ml
►Particle size: ≥75% within 0.5-5 um
►MMAD: 3um
►Average nebulization rate: 0.2ml/min
►Noise Level: below 65dB
►Pressure: 30-50 Psi /206-345 Kpa
►Standard accessories: Nebulizer Bottle(6ml), oxygen tube (1.6m), Mouthpiece, Mask ( Adult / Pediatric),  Air filter (5 pcs)