Closed Suction Catheter

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Closed Suction Catheter

Closed suction catheter is used to remove tracheal secretions through the endotracheal tube, compare to the traditional open suction catheter, it is much safer and much more comfortable.

Closed suction catheter

1. Made of medical grasd material, easy operation.
2. Rundness & Smooth of the patients' end of catheter, minimize the injury of respiratory mucossa.
3. Transparent 5-way design, oxygen deluvery & suction performed simultaneously.
4. The cover highly sealed, effectively prevent the cross-infection.
5. Built-in spring of vacuum control, finger-on for suction, finger-off for closing.
6. 7-tone date indication to remind the replacement.
7. Size available from Fr5-Fr16.

Package: 10 pcs/box, 20 boxs/carton.