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What is the purpose and principle of the Radial Artery Hemostat?

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Author : Joe Wong
Update time : 2021-02-22 09:18:42
What is the purpose and principle of the Radial Artery Hemostat?

Raidal arterial hemostats are suitable for arterial compression hemostasis in cardiology, catheterization laboratories, anesthesiology, emergency rooms, ICU and other departments. They are divided into radial artery hemostatic devices and femoral artery hemostatic devices.

Radial artery hemostatic device is mainly used to stop bleeding at the puncture site after radial artery interventional puncture. It can continuously and stably suppress bleeding, effectively reduce postoperative bleeding, shorten postoperative recovery time and reduce the risk of complications. Chitosan hemostatic patch is combined The hemostatic device strengthens the blood coagulation effect, reduces pressure and compression time, improves patient comfort, reduces the labor intensity of medical staff, and improves work efficiency.

The femoral artery hemostat is used to stop bleeding at the puncture site after femoral artery interventional puncture. It does not require manual time-consuming pressing. After the hemostat is fixed, the knob can be pressed to complete the hemostatic action, which greatly improves the work efficiency of medical staff. The strap uses a soft flannel. Therefore, patients can wear it for a long time without discomfort such as redness, swelling and allergies. The strong hook and loop fastener can withstand a longitudinal tension of 15N or more without falling off.

Reducing compression pressure and compression time can greatly reduce the incidence of various complications, such as swelling of the extremities, numbness, and coldness of the extremities, which are not easily caused by the venous return of the upper limbs due to excessive compression. The pressure can be gradually reduced according to the patient's condition, thereby reducing the discomfort caused by excessive pressure. The simple knob design can adjust the pressure at any time according to the patient's bleeding.