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Urology professor Schwentner from University of Tübingen, Germany visited our hospital for exchanges

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Update time : 2021-08-12 11:46:39
Urology professor Schwentner from University of Tübingen, Germany visited our hospital for exchanges

On August 5th, an internationally renowned scholar, Professor Christian Schwentner from the University of Tubingen, Germany, visited our hospital. This is Professor Schwentner's first visit to a city-level hospital in South China. Professor Schwentner and the Huang Hongxing director team of the Department of Urology of our hospital conducted academic exchanges on the field of minimally invasive urology.

The University of Tübingen is one of the 11 elite universities in Germany. 10 Nobel Prize winners have studied or worked at the University of Tübingen. Many world-renowned scholars and politicians graduated here. Its urology department is the best in Germany and even in Europe. One of the top urology centers and also the chairman unit of the EAU Scientific Society. During the visit of Professor Schwentner, Dean Yuan Yong, Deputy Dean Jiang Haiming, Deputy Dean Yuan Runqiang, Chief Physician Huang Hongxing of Urology Department, Chief Physician Li Wei, Assistant Director of Nephrology Center Hongyun Sugan, etc. communicated with him. Deputy Dean Jiang Haiming and Director Huang Xuexin of the office respectively introduced the development status of laparoscopic minimally invasive work in cardiac surgery and urology surgery in our hospital.

Professor Schwentner ranks among the top professors in the field of minimally invasive surgery in Europe. He appreciated that our hospital can independently carry out laparoscopic radical resection of prostate cancer, radical bladder cancer, and partial nephrectomy. Frontline personnel conducted academic discussions. Professor Schwentner's visit activities have substantially promoted the development of minimally invasive technology in the Department of Urology in our hospital, and laid an important foundation for further communication with the outside world.