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Under the covid pandemic, can aerosol inhalation treatment be carried out?

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Update time : 2022-01-13 11:01:11
Under the covid pandemic, can aerosol inhalation treatment be carried out?

​​The purpose of aerosol inhalation therapy is to deliver a therapeutic dose of drug to the target site. For patients with pulmonary lesions, aerosol administration can achieve higher local drug concentration and reduce systemic adverse effects compared with other administration methods. In the absence of specific treatment drugs, atomization therapy is also a feasible treatment route.

In the treatment of pneumonia caused by coronavirus (2019-nCOV), the guidelines recommend alpha-interferon inhalation therapy. However, we must pay attention to the atomization treatment. On the one hand, atomization inhalation is helpful for treatment, but on the other hand, due to the generation of aerosols that pollute the indoor air, it may lead to cross-infection between doctors and patients and between patients. Therefore, the following principles should be followed when implementing aerosol inhalation therapy for patients with pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus infection:

Special dosage forms for atomization should be selected for atomization;

Equipment such as aerosolized drug storage devices, breathing tubes, and nebulizer masks should be dedicated to people and use disposable consumables;

Medical staff should pay attention to strict personal protective measures when nebulizing children with coronavirus infection.

The preferred method of aerosol inhalation for children with new coronavirus infection is a metered dose inhalation (MDI) device combined with a spacer (which can also be replaced by an MDI connector and an extension tube). However, this mode requires the active cooperation of the child, so it is only suitable for older children.

If it is a child under 5 years old, only pressure atomization can be selected. In order to avoid cross-infection in the hospital, you can choose home nebulizer, provided you need to buy a home nebulizer. Preferably the pressure type.

There is no specific drug for pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection, and all treatment options are symptomatic treatment to solve the symptoms. Children with colds and coughs, use nebulized drugs as prescribed by the doctor, and nebulize at home, which can quickly relieve symptoms. The safety data is good, and it is worth recommending!

The pressure nebulizer can make the micro-particles of the medicine for inhalation into a diameter of 1-5 microns. In this case, the medicine is directly sent to the lower airway, directly to the affected area, fully absorbed, and the effect is better.
The types, dosages and courses of nebulized drugs used for each disease are different. This requires professional guidance from a pediatrician.

 Many parents will stop using nebulization after seeing the effect of nebulization, and do not adhere to enough courses of treatment. In fact, aerosol therapy also requires a certain course of treatment. It is better to use it for a long time, according to the doctor's advice.