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Types of urine bags

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Author : Joe Wong
Update time : 2021-03-24 10:49:20

Types of urine bags

1. Ordinary urine bag

It is mainly composed of drainage bag, drainage port, drainage tube, interface and drainage clamp. The disposable urine bag commonly used in hospitals has a capacity of 2000ml and is replaced twice a week.

2. Anti-reflux urine bags

It can effectively prevent backflow of urine and prevent retrograde infection caused by backflow of urine. Compared with the ordinary urine bag, there is an anti-reflux device at the joint with the urine tube, which is larger, hard in texture, and resistant to twisting. The general volume is 2000ml, which reduces the number of times the urine bag is discharged and reduces the risk of infection. It is usually replaced once a week.

3. Mother-in-son urine collection bag

It is mainly composed of a bag body, a liquid inlet pipe, a liquid discharge pipe, a liquid discharge valve, a sampling joint, a protective cap, a stop clamp, a metering bottle, a drop bottle, a spiral valve and a non-return membrane. It can accurately record the patient's hourly urine output, which is convenient for observing whether the patient's intake and output are balanced. The non-return membrane can effectively prevent backflow of urine and reduce urinary tract infections. Less frequent urination also reduces the risk of infection. It is usually changed once a week 

4. Waist urine bag

The waist urine bag, also known as the waist urine collector, is an auxiliary medical device product used to collect urine outside the body and belongs to the category of medical devices for home care. For example, after a bladder cancer patient is hospitalized, a total cystectomy is usually performed in order to prevent the condition from getting worse. After cystectomy, urethral diversion is performed, and a fistula is performed on the patient's waist, which is to create a "nipple" on the surface of the human body to excrete human urine. The suit type is generally used, which is divided into daily use type and night use type.

The daily-use type consists of accessories such as urine collection cavity, urinary catheter, urine storage bag, waist belt, shoulder strap, etc.; after the patient wears suitable daily-use products, he can go out with ordinary people to participate in social activities and perform simple exercises, etc. The key is to prevent leakage of urine and fumigation and wound infections caused by it. In particular, the damage caused by the fever and itching caused by repeated tearing of the paste type to the skin allergic ulcers at the fistula site is the greatest damage.

The night-use type consists of a urine collection cavity, a long urinary catheter and a waist band. The night-use type is used by the patient when resting at night. The key is that the user wears it properly and can rest in different postures to prevent urine leakage and enable the patient to sleep peacefully.