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This company has won the bid exclusively: a large order for delivery of 600 million medical consumables!

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Update time : 2021-01-04 09:04:33
This company has won the bid exclusively: a large order for delivery of 600 million medical consumables!

Recently, Zhoushan Hospital of Zhejiang Province issued the "Announcement on the Transaction Results of the Intensive Medical Consumables (SPD) Platform Construction and Daily Operation Management Service Project". The announcement is clear: Ceres Medical Technology Group Co., Ltd. has exclusively won the bid for the hospital's "medical consumables intensive (SPD) project".

Previously, on November 22, the tender announcement issued by Zhejiang Zhoushan Hospital clearly indicated that the hospital will select a professional medical consumables intensive (SPD) operation service provider to meet the needs of the hospital for the construction and daily operation of the medical consumables intensive platform The overall demand for management services.

And the announcement clearly stated: The current total annual purchase amount of hospital consumables is about 120 million yuan (excluding reagents), and this time, the exclusive bid for Sai Lisi, the signed service period is 5 years, that is to say, 600 million consumables in the hospital All distribution rights are taken by Celes.

The bid announcement made it clear: Although the hospital determines the purchase variety, specifications, origin and price of medical consumables, the circulation service provider charges a certain percentage of fees to the consumable suppliers that access the SPD information system, and the hospital does not participate. In other words, the cost of consumable distribution will be passed on from the hospital to the consumable supplier.

Compared with the hospital's extensive management model before the cancellation of the medical consumables bonus, after the zero bonus, the consumables circulation has changed from a revenue factor to a cost factor for consumable suppliers. How to reduce costs has become a top priority, and supporting SPD information services have also become "Just need".

The SPD model is based on the refined management of medical consumables. The hospital can realize after-use settlement, zero inventory management and refined management, reduce logistics management costs, reduce waste, and traceability throughout the process. According to incomplete statistics from public data, no less than 210 hospitals across the country have completed or are in the process of bidding for SPD. And most of them are secondary and above hospitals.

Some professionals have analyzed that the market space of SPD will further increase. Currently there are 9478 secondary hospitals and 2681 tertiary hospitals nationwide. It can be said that these 12,159 companies constitute the core target customers of SPD business.

But the number of distributors under the SPD model has also been greatly reduced! Hospitals tend to choose a small number of distribution companies that have high strength and can help realize supply chain management and information maintenance inside and outside the hospital. If a large number of traditional distribution companies and distributors do not transform or seek cooperation with third-party SPD service providers, they will face the crisis of being eliminated.