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The way of a manual resuscitator working

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Author : Joe Wong
Update time : 2021-10-20 14:23:36

The way of a manual resuscitator working

Simple manual resuscitator play an important role in restoring breathing health to patients, but many people don’t know much about manufal resuscitator. Today, let’s learn more about it.

1. When the sphere is squeezed, a positive pressure is generated to close the inlet valve. The internal gas forces the duckbill valve to open and block the outlet valve. The gas in the sphere is sent to the patient through the central incision of the duckbill valve. If oxygen is used, the qi is temporarily stored in the sphere along with the sphere's recovery and inhalation action, and directly enters the patient's body when the sphere is squeezed.

2. Loosen the squeezed sphere, and the duckbill valve will be pushed up immediately and in a closed state, so that the gas exhaled by the patient can be released from the air outlet.

3. At the same time, the intake valve receives the negative pressure generated by the loosening of the sphere, and the intake valve is opened, and the oxygen in the air storage bag enters the sphere until the sphere is completely restored to its original shape before being squeezed.

4. In order to avoid too high oxygen flow rate and too low squeezing times, the pressure in the sphere and the air storage bag is too high, the gas storage safety valve is specially designed to release excess gas in order to maintain a low-pressure oxygen supply and protect the safety of patients.

5. The oxygen storage valve and oxygen storage bag must be combined with external oxygen. If oxygen is not connected, the two sets of components should be removed.