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The patient’s anterior urethral scar is narrow, and the doctor “embroiders” the urethra to solve the problem

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Author : Joe Wong
Update time : 2021-07-15 10:52:54
The patient’s anterior urethral scar is narrow, and the doctor “embroiders” the urethra to solve the problem

Standing up to urinate without effort, smooth and natural, clear urine, this is normal for ordinary people, but it is such a natural thing that stumped Mr. Luo. At the age of 60, Mr. Luo had a long anterior urethral scar stenosis due to trauma. The scar stenosis exceeded 2.0cm. He was transferred to many hospitals for treatment. He tried many endovascular urethral surgeries but failed. In a few years, all urine was discharged. ,Very painful.

This year, Mr. Luo came to our hospital for diagnosis and treatment in the second area of ​​the Urology Department. This disease is one of the most headaches for urologists, because the anterior urethral mucosa is very delicate and heat-resistant, so it cannot be cut with a high-frequency electric knife or laser Or stop the bleeding, otherwise a new scar will be formed at the urethral trauma, and urethral stricture will appear again, resulting in the failure of intracavitary surgery. Generally, for the anterior urethral stricture less than 1cm, the stricture can be resected and the urethra end-to-end anastomosis can be tried, but for the longer stenosis, it is not suitable for more than 2.0cm. Although the cold knife intracavitary incision method has certain advantages, it is only suitable for anterior urethral scar stenosis with a stricture less than 0.5~1cm. The vast majority of patients need to indwell a catheter for at least 8 weeks after the operation, and they have to come to the hospital many times after the operation for metal urethral dilation. The patients suffer a lot, have poor compliance, and the final effect is not ideal.

Li Wei, deputy director of the second district of urology department, was dispatched by the hospital and returned from Germany for further study. Combined with the experience of the Institute of Urethra of the General Hospital of the Southern Theater of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, he carefully designed the urethral capping material, which took about 4 hours, and implemented the "belt" for Mr. Luo. The urethroplasty with anterior urethral stricture with pedicled penile flap is cut and covered. The biggest challenge of this procedure is to ensure that the flap cannot be transferred to another place and cause blood supply or even necrosis. Therefore, the blood supply and angle of the flap must be carefully designed. According to statistics, this operation is the first time it has been applied in Zhongshan City.

Three weeks after the operation, Mr. Luo successfully removed the foley catheter. No urinary fistula occurred. The skin wound on the penis healed well, with almost no surgical scars. At the same time, he could stand up to urinate without effort, smooth and natural, and clear urine. Mr. Luo and his family are very satisfied with the results of the operation. Every time they return to the clinic, they are happy to see each other. Yuan Runqiang, an expert in urology and deputy dean of our hospital, said happily: “This technique tests the patience of doctors. The design of the pedicle flap and the stitching of the transferred flap are just like embroidery!”