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Kidney stones found in a 2-year-old child, ultramicro ureteroscopy solves the problem

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Update time : 2021-07-20 11:27:28
Kidney stones found in a 2-year-old child, ultramicro ureteroscopy solves the problem

In recent years, due to changes in dietary habits, the incidence of kidney stones in children has increased year by year, and rare infant kidney stones have appeared. A large number of research data indicate that excessive intake of high-protein and high-sugar diets can increase the risk of kidney stones. In the past few years, the melamine milk powder incident has caused everyone to pay attention to kidney stone diseases in children.

Recently, a 2-year-old child was admitted to the Pediatric Surgery Department of our hospital. The child was admitted to the hospital due to abdominal pain and fever. Later, he was diagnosed with multiple stones in both kidneys and ureter, requiring surgery. This patient is the youngest patient with urinary calculi admitted to Zhongshan City. The child is young, the urinary system is underdeveloped, the kidney tissue is small, the traditional open surgery is traumatic, the operation is difficult, and the operation risk is high. However, the minimally invasive treatment plan using adult surgery is too young to be implemented because the child is too young. The dilemma is difficult to choose, the operation is difficult, and the family members of the child are anxious.

The situation is urgent, the director of the Department of Pediatric Surgery He Rongjia of our hospital immediately organized a general consultation and contacted the director of urology Huang Hongxing to jointly study the treatment plan. After careful consideration, it was decided to implement the dual-channel, visible ultramicro ureteroscopy percutaneous for the child Kidney holmium laser lithotripsy and lithotripsy. This operation is difficult, complicated, and the child is young, the kidney tissue is small, the operation is delicate, and the operation risk is high. Currently, only our hospital in Zhongshan City can carry out it.

After active preparations, the operation was carried out on April 3. Under the leadership of the director of He Rongjia and Huang Hongxing, the operation process was very smooth. It can be seen that the establishment of the percutaneous renal channel is perfect, precise and minimally invasive. The use of ultra-micro ureteroscopy greatly reduces surgical trauma and can be overridden freely. After the operation, Huang Hongxing, the director of the department, introduced: At present, the visible percutaneous renal channel technology is the latest technology in China, and it is rarely developed in adult urology. It is a virgin work for such a small child, which reflects the precision and micro The advantage of creation. The child recovered well after the operation and was able to move freely one day after the operation, and was discharged from the hospital 5 days after the operation.

On the one hand, the advancement of medicine depends on the perfection of technology, on the other hand, it also depends on the bravery of medical staff. Under the escort of advanced technology, we have been working hard to formulate detailed and rigorous treatment plans for patients to relieve their pain. The joint efforts of pediatric surgery and urology in our hospital opened a new chapter in the treatment of urinary calculi in children.