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How to use the urine bag with cross valve

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Author : Joe
Update time : 2021-05-28 09:08:46
                                               How to use the urine bag with cross valve

1. The main method of opening is to squeeze the button to one side, and push the protruding long end to the short end. Don't press on both sides, because if you press on both sides, it will not be able to squeeze. In this case, the force is opposite, so the squeeze will not succeed.
2. This urine bag is generally recommended to be replaced once within a week at most. The urinary foley catheter bag is connected to the urinary catheter, which can drain the urine in time, and becomes a container for temporarily storing urine. Urinary catheter bags are generally disposable consumables and need to be replaced in time.
3. The suit type is generally used, divided into daily use and night use. Generally, extracorporeal urine collection is used to collect urine from the nipple on the body surface.