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How often should the foley catheter be replaced?

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Author : Joe Wong
Update time : 2021-01-02 11:24:01

How often should the foley catheter be replaced?

If the foley catheter is to be indwelled for a long time, the replacement time of the foley catheter should be different according to the material of the foley catheter. It needs to be replaced regularly under the advice and guidance of the doctor, but generally the foley catheter should not be placed for more than one month.

Long-term indwelling foley catheter is generally due to the bladder or prostate, which causes the bladder to be unable to urinate spontaneously, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia or neurogenic bladder, which cannot urinate spontaneously. At this time, urine drainage is required. Indwelling foley catheter can also be used. An indwelling cystostomy tube is used to drain urine. Urinary catheter is a foreign body. Patients with long-term indwelling foley catheter are prone to urinary tract infection and urinary tract stones. Once the catheter is blocked or the urine is not drained smoothly, the catheter needs to be replaced in time.

Therefore, in order to prevent or reduce the occurrence of infection, it is recommended to replace the urine tube every month. Of course, this is also related to the material of the foley catheter, if it is silicone foley catheter, it can be indwelled for a longer time, but try not to exceed one month.

It is recommended that patients with long-term indwelling foley catheters should drink more water to ensure smooth catheter drainage. If there are more secretions in the urine, normal saline or bladder irrigation fluid can be used for bladder irrigation treatment, and regular urine routine review. If there is inflammation, antibiotics can be used.