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Closed circuit of anesthesia breathing circuit

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Author : joe
Update time : 2021-11-23 16:18:20
Closed circuit of anesthesia breathing circuit

The gas exhaled and inhaled by the patient is fully controlled by the anesthesia machine. The exhaled gas enters the circuit and is inhaled by the patient during inhalation. Therefore, a CO2 absorber must be installed in the closed loop, and the exhaled gas passes through the CO2 absorber to absorb CO2 before entering the inhalation path. The flow of fresh air into the closed circuit is equal to the patient's oxygen consumption and nitrous oxide intake. When a closed system is used, the flow of fresh air is the least, and the consumption of oxygen, nitrous oxide and inhalation anesthetics is also the least. It is easier to ensure that the temperature and humidity of the inhaled gas are close to the physiological state. However, reliable CO2 absorbers, accurate oxygen concentration and anesthetic gas concentration monitors are necessary to ensure that patients will not suffer from hypoxia and CO2 retention during anesthesia.