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Application of silicone laryngeal mask airway in clinic

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Author : Joe Wong
Update time : 2021-01-19 11:02:43

Application of silicone laryngeal mask airway in clinic

The silicone laryngeal mask airway does not require the use of a laryngoscope to expose the glottis, and has little damage and less sore throat after surgery. The scope of application is gradually expanding.

Silicone laryngeal mask airway is one of the important tools for difficult airway management, and is recommended by international CPR and ECC. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration uses intubation laryngeal masks as one of the emergency medical tools for space travel.

(1) Head and neck surgery It is suitable for diagnostic evaluation of the larynx and trachea (fiber bronchoscope is inserted through the laryngeal mask catheter to observe the function of the vocal cords and the throat) and laser surgery.

(2) Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy The body of laryngeal mask airway has a shielding effect on the larynx, and blood entering the trachea is rare; the incidence of laryngospasm, bronchospasm, and hypoxia is low.

(3) Dental and oral surgery Cleft palate repair, lip and tongue adhesion, tongue tumor resection, mandibular rupture fixation after failed tracheal intubation.

(4) Eye surgery During general anesthesia induction and recovery, it can avoid coughing and choking, and has little effect on intraocular pressure and hemodynamics. It is suitable for cataract surgery, trabecular surgery, vitreoretinal surgery, children's strabismus correction, eyelid repair, scleral surgery and foreign bodies Remove surgery.

(5) Neurosurgery The use of laryngeal masks has small changes in intracranial pressure, and is suitable for patients with intracranial aneurysm surgery and increased intracranial pressure, ventricular-abdominal shunts and traumatic head injuries in children and adults, and craniotomy and craniotomy in children and adults awake Stereotaxic surgery.

(6) Pulmonary Medicine and Thoracic Surgery Bronchoscopy in children and adults