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Application and possible complications of radial artery hemostat

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Update time : 2021-08-13 11:15:31
Application and possible complications of radial artery hemostat

1) Pressurization time
After 2 hours from the start of pressurization, the pressure is reduced by half; starting from the pressure reduction by half, after 2-4 hours, the pressure can be completely decompressed according to the situation
2) Difficulty in hemostasis caused by puncture
  The puncture needle is pierced into the radial artery multiple times, causing bleeding from multiple breaches in the radial artery
  Residual hematoma during puncture, difficult to compress
  When penetrating into the branch during the puncture process, it is difficult to compress the hemostatic device vertically, resulting in difficulty in hemostasis
  After the puncture, when the skin is cut, the knife is inserted too deeply, resulting in arterial cuts, and even the radial artery
3) Improper use of hemostats leads to failure of hemostasis
    The compression site is too low to accurately compress the actual arterial puncture point
    The patient moves the wrist joint excessively and twists the forearm, causing the compression point of the hemostatic device to shift
    When the hemostatic device is released, the pressure at the compression point is reduced too fast, causing arterial bleeding, requiring a second compression
  4) Possible complications
       Radial artery occlusion, peripheral blood flow disturbance
        Local infection
        Skin allergies
        Local skin necrosis