Anesthesia Mask

Anesthesia mask is specially designed to administer the medication and delivery oxygen to the patients. It usually come in sterile and the sizes from 0# to 6# for the usage of infant, pediatric, adult respectively.
Anesthesia Mask

1.Mask is made of medical grade PVC, smooth, clear and soft.
2. With a valve to adjust the air volume of the cushion.
3. Color-coded hook ring for easy size identification.

Size     Hook color       Port            Description
0#        White              15OD           Neonate
1#        Pink                15OD           Infant
2#        Yellow             22ID             Pediatric
3#        Green              22ID            Adult S
4#        Red                 22ID            Adult M
5#        Blue                22ID            Adult L
6#       Orange            22ID            Adult XL